Kingdom of Ethaydus

The kingdom of Ethaydus was founded by Nicholas Carden’s father Gregory Carden. As a boy Gregory grew up during the great Orc Incursions. Following the Dragon Wars the human race entered a period of isolation in which survival was their sole concern. For centuries Orcs, Goblins, and other opportunistic races and monsters roamed the earth preying on the isolated communities of mankind. Finally humanity recognized that they needed to band together and subjugate themselves to the strong. Gregory Carden built and organized a small army and as his exploits against Orcs and Goblins became more and more successful his reputation grew. Although Gregory did not found Darkwell its people recognized that he could protect them against outside threats and ensure their survival. They petitioned him to be their king and he graciously accepted. Over time more and more communities recognized that their safety depended on communal protection and Ethaydus grew as each community swore fealty to Gregory. Today the Kingdom Ethaydus is almost 100 square miles in SIZE.

Gregory Carden had three sons; Nicholas, Gregory II, and Oswald. Before Nicholas became of age it became apparent that he had no interest in ruling Ethaydus. He left the kingdom in search of his own destiny and for sometime Ethaydians lost contact with Nicholas and considered him dead. Gregory II and Oswald met with little success as rulers. Although they gave it their sincerest attempts they could not command or earn the respect of their people. Several factions rose up to exert their control and influence over the kingdom.

Then Nicholas returned and it became apparent that while he was away he had matured and learned the difficulties of life in this world. He also brought with him a bride, Soreth, and the kingdom fell deeply in love with her. He assumed the throne and prosperity reigned over Darkwell and Ethaydus. During this time Nicholas had two sons; Stephen and Swain. Swain, died during child birth.

Then an army led by Cornugon, threatened to destroy Darkwell and Ethaydus. As the army surrounded Darkwell and prepared a siege with the cities destruction its aim a powerful earthquake rocked the land as Darkwell Castle ripped itself free of the earth and floated upward stopped only by a large iron chain. Refusing to admit defeat Cornugon attacked. There are few who know what truly happened that day. Great magics were released; lightning, fire, brimstone, winged warriors, and worse. In the end Cornugon’s army fled and Darkwell was saved but at great cost; Nicholas’ son and wife. Since that time Nicholas has retreated into his castle and leaves the administration of Ethaydus to his Steward and his bureaucracy. Ethaydians still have a great love and respect for their ruler Nicholas Carden. They long for the day that his mourning will come to an end.

Kingdom of Ethaydus

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