The Dragon's Call

Back at the watering hole.

Drake and myself with Drake’s faithful animal companion Burpy the bear found ourselves making camp outside the city walls. Our tasks where the same, find out where the goblin incursion was coming from. We decided to do our own investigations to cover more territory.

I also hunted game along the way to feed my fellow companions and Gregory Godric, owner of a house of spirits called The Sparking Rooster with food for his patrons. We also meet at the Rooster frequently to discuss our fellowships activities.

As I put forth my efforts toward a cure to this plague of goblins destroying the lands around Darkwell. I seem to hit a wall, even with my years of training with my friends and allies within the Elven realms, I cannot see an end to the goblin menace. There is just to damn many.

A few weeks have past and I find myself at our favorite watering hole for a gathering of my fellow adventurers in The Sparking Rooster. I am fully bathed and have cleaned my attire to possible catch the eye of the young and beautiful Cloe.

As all my associates assemble, minus the bear, to tell of the news they have collected over the last few weeks and share in food and drink. I notice a new patron among us. A Paladin of some sort, I am not familiar with his god. I am not sure for certain, but under the mighty armor the individual adorned it appeared to be a Half Orc. A Half Orc Paladin has to be very rare.

I found myself sitting next to our resident Wizard, an odd fellow, who seems to know the inner working of the art of magic. At this time I start to enjoy my meal and a mug of ale, when the Wizard starts acting strange, talking to himself and what not. Then the Wizard turned to me and asked for me to accompany him outside. I agreed.

As I stepped through the doorway it magically was dark, dark as a night without a moon in the middle of a forest. All I could do was smell a horrible stench. I drew a weapon as the stench grew closer. I attempted several time to swing into the darkness and failed. I did finally make contact with a creature; doing little damage.

The Wizard and I defeated our foe, mostly the Wizard killed our combatant. After the short battle I turned to reenter the Rooster to inform the group of what just happened. I found it also filled with an eerie darkness. After the darkness cleared I found that my comrades had also been in a battle.

At this time I glimpsed the Paladin scurrying out a broken window after one of thier attackers. I sprinted around the building to engage our enemy in ranged combat. The Paladin ended his foe’s life very quickly and efficiently.

As the final blow was stuck to our retreating attackers, the party searched the dead for any kind of clue on who they where. It was at this time our Wizard stepped forward and explained who the foul smelling creatures where; Dark Creepers and their leader a Dark Stalker.



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