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“In television series and similar ongoing media, there is the concept of the “story bible,” a document setting forth the essential information about the characters, story, and setting of the series so that later writers can produce scripts with some amount of consistency. In a similar vein, Game Masters can create a campaign guide to help keep track of their creation and to supply players with an overview of an ongoing campaign. This way, the players have some idea what to expect and can create and play their characters to best fit into the overall setting. The most important function of a campaign guide is to make your players excited to delve into the setting and play the game!" —Game Mastery Guide p. 20

My intent is for this wiki to be the Campaign Guide for our campaign.

System and System Rules

We will be playing the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules. A link to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Documents can be found here.

House rules can be found here.


The campaign will be centered around the Kingdom of Ethaydius and its capital city Darkwell. It is not my intention to commit to an urban or rural setting but to use this kingdom and its capital as the starting point for a sand box approach to campaign building.

Main Page

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