Dwarf Clans

It could be said that Dwarven history shapes the dark disposition of many dwarves, for they reside in high mountains and dangerous realms below the earth, constantly at war with giants, goblins, and other such horrors.

The dwarves have a relatively simple government and social structure. It’s based on family relationships and clan cooperation, all under the ruling hand of a royal family and its head, the dwarf king. Every dwarf belongs to a clan. Each clan is composed of many, many families recognizing the leadership of one particular family; the leaders of that family, the clan heads wield great power.

Clans are an ever-present factor of Dwarven life. There are hundreds of clans, ranging from the largest (which spans the continent with clanholds in every major dwarf city) to the smallest (with only a hundred members in a single city).

From the time a dwarf is born, the clan is his home. He is raised by its members, has his cousins as his playmates, advances in his career and training through clan connections, often meets his future mate at clan meetings, and looks to his clan chieftain to lead warriors in battle and dispense justice in peace. Every dwarf knows his connection to his clan and what his family connection is to each of the important bloodlines within the clan—and thereby, the degree of family connection he has with nearly every member of that clan.

Slatebeard Clan

This is the clan that Blaven, the Magus, belongs to. There is some animosity between the Slatebeards and the Redglaves (See the note on the Redglave Clan). The Slatebeards are renowned jewel crafters.

Redglave Clan

This clan resides in the Dwarven district of Darkwell. There is some animosity between the Redglaves and the Slatebeards. The Redglaves are known for the unmatched quality and sturdiness of their spittoons. A Redglave Spittoon is a work of art in its own right only matched by the Redglave work ethic. Each Redglave dwarf works long and hard knowing that the end of the day he will enjoy the relaxation of their favorite past time all the more.

One day Valthic Slatebeard, great grandson of Whurent Slatebeard the founding father of clan Slatebeard, was resting with his friend Killin Redglave. The Slatebeard Clan is known for their jewel crafting; a lucrative craft. Valthic and Killin entered a wager about who could out spit who. At first Valthic was defeated but again and again he placed more money on the table until he had no coin left in his purse. In the final round Valthic bet his beard against Killin’s beard and in a bold stroke of luck Valthic took the round. Killin was disgraced. Killin’s beard is hung from his families hearth to this day.

Dwarf Clans

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