Darkwell's Sparkling Rooster Inn


The Sparkling Rooster Inn is the most popular establishment in North Darkwell. It is owned and Operated by Gregory Godric who just recently purchased and re-opened the inn. The original owner tried to have an indoor toilet established. Unfortunately the odor made the place very unpopular. Gregory has boarded up the commode and requires his patrons to find other accommodations in this regard.

The only employee is the beautiful Cloe. She is not related to Gregory but he protects her as if she were his own. He is no fool; if the Sparkling Rooster Inn were to lose Cloe it’s popularity would quickly diminish.

Recently Gregory has had to resort to a dish he calls Pine Blackened Oats. The unfortunate result of the dangerous roads surrounding Darkwell is that better fare is getting harder to come by.

Darkwell's Sparkling Rooster Inn

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