Tyzyn ForestStrider

3rd Level Human Ranger


Ty stands 6", and has auburn hair and a beard to match, steel blue eyes. Ty is 24 years old, and weight 160lbs.. He is Chaotic Good human.

Tyzyn was raised by an Elven Ranger named Gollor ForestStrider since he was nine years old. Gollor found Ty lost and wondering in the forest alone. Gollor had lost his wife and daughter in an goblin raid. Gollor tracked down the goblin raiders to seek revenge. Gollor found a human merchant and his wife slaughtered by the same goblins who murdered his family. Gollor took finding Tyzyn as a sign from his Goddess of a gift of another child after losing his own. Ty’s original name is Cameron, and he was the only child of Thomas and Mildred Suntory.

Tyzyn ForestStrider

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