The Dragon's Call

Uncertain Beginnings

I found myself being rescued by an half-elf from what seemed to be certain death, named Malachi the Healer. I had no memory of how I arrived there. Their was also an elf by the name of Coal that was in the same situation I had fallen prey to.

After Coal and I had been pulled clear by the cleric from the sinking mud, we all found ourselves robbed of a majority of our belongings. So we decided to band together for our survival.

As if by divine intervention from our healer goddess we came across a wild boar scourging for food not far from our current position. The possessions we still had consisted of Coals longbow, two of my throwing axes, and magic from our spell caster.

As the battle for survival began, we found ourselves in what seemed to be a losing conflict with the wild beast, but the creature finally met its demise at our combined efforts and Malachi control over fire granted to him by his faith. After the battle had concluded, I skinned the mighty boar and started preparing our well deserved meal.

After our supper, we settled in for much needed rest. Sometime during our attempt at slumber, we where accosted by a small band of goblins. I despise these foul creatures. We all agreed that a swift retreat was in our best interests, especially since the goblins had the high ground.

In the mist of the confusion I stumbled upon a well concealed pathway and lead our weary group down the trail. The trail ended at a hut.

At that point, I silently approached the small encampment, with the elf attempting the same task, and failing miserably. It was then I noticed that the fire pit outside the dwelling had been used shortly before our arrival.

After the site had been searched, Malachi started a fire. We discovered that all our belongs where inside the leather and hide structure minus our coin, and with what seemed to be other people’s property as well. I then did a quick survey for foot traffic and discovered that the elf’s tracks where all around the tiny clearing. That made me very suspicious of the elf. We regrouped inside the hut for protection.

At that point we where about to rest again when Coal exited the hut for guard duty, and almost instantaneously found himself being pelted by goblin arrows. The bastards had found us. There was a short clash of melee combat, then Coal suddenly entered the hut and apprised us of the situation. The goblins tried to goad us out by using racial insults. We quickly formulated a plan to cut our way free thorough the back wall of the hut.

Coal and I silently dashed from the now burning hut to the tree line. When we reached the tree line we set up to aid Malachi’s escape.

It was then when I started to gain a great respect for our half-elf healer, because he suddenly bolted from the burning building in the opposite direction of our location in an attempted to lure our pursuers into the open so Coal and myself could end the existence of our attackers.

Because of Malachi’s selfless act, Coal and I expert skill with a longbow we where able to put down the filthy creatures.

After looting the corps in an attempt to regain our lost currency, and with the hut burnt to the ground we got our bearings and realize we where a few miles from my home city of Darkwell. We decided to make our way toward the safety of the city walls.

It had been years since I had been home. Upon reaching the city we found ourselves in a local watering hole called The Sparkling Rooster. Once inside we ordered food an drink and began to recount our unfortunate adventure to try and recall the events that lead us to our current destination. In the back of my mind I couldn’t get over the fact that the goblins seemed to have more training than any goblins I have encountered. Their skill with bows was very remarkable with there accuracy.



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