The Dragon's Call

Praise Sarenrae

I woke in a mud hole with two others. After freeing myself from the mud hole I was able to save the other two that were stuck with me. Praise Sarenrae. We discovered we were stripped of our belongings and quite hungry. Soon we were confronted by a wild boar that we bravely dispatched to settle the rumble in our stomachs. The two with me were a human and an elf. Not much time past before we were jump from our comfort by some goblins. We retreated into the forest and found a path that lead to a small hut. The hut was empty but a fire was not far from spent in the fire pit. We discovered that the elves footprints were all around even though he had no memory of having been there before. We searched the hut and were surprised to find our missing belongings and a few unknown possessions. As the elf walked out of the hut he was hit with a barrage of arrows. After retreating into the hut the human and the elf cut their way out the back of the hut. I ran out the front to draw the fire of the goblins and my new travel companions quickly released the goblins from their souls. We traveled back to town and went to the sparlking rooster. A local tavern and small inn.



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