The Dragon's Call

A Job Not Done

There was a girl in the Sparkling Rooster that night. The Dark Stalker leading the group that attacked took her after a well planned ambush on our magical fellows.

The next morning we came for breakfast and see our old Dwarven friend, Blaven, has come to join us for some adventure. Who knows where he has been but he looks none the worse for wear and I certainly don’t know what Dwarves do when they are left to their own devices. While we are catching up I found out that the young maiden, Chloe, is crying about the “beautiful woman” that was taken in the attack at the Rooster last night. Of course our Ranger brings her flowers to try and curry favor with her while she is crying. Worried for the young woman who was taken from her work; it’s nice to see kids playing at adult games. He is also “wooing” Gregory by trying to “fix” his commode. I inform Gregory that our group will look into the young ladies disappearance.

So the Ranger takes off to talk to the guards at the gate and the Wizard, Dwarf and I head to talk to the Dwarves in the Dwarven district. Maybe they have heard something about what’s going on outside of the gate. Of course the town’s guard saw nothing. The Dwarf area on the other hand turned out to be another story. We were lucky to make it out of the district without having to kill anyone. Apparently our little Dwarf is from the Slatebeard Clan and they have some beef with the Redglave Clan. Most of the Dwarves in the Dwarven district are from the Redglave Clan.

So finding nothing the Ranger and the Dwarf search the area north of the Rooster trying to find tracks while the Mage and I check the houses. Some little kid tries to mess with me but the Ranger finds a trail. Just as we were going to follow the wall around the outside of town Carden’s Cavalry gallop through the gate having been just ambushed by Orcs outside of town. The bodies of four cavalryman were draped over their mounts. The guards close the gate for an hour at the order of the Cavalry’s Captain. We used the time to prep and head out when the gates open about four hours from sunset.

Two miles north of town we find where the cavalry were ambushed. The little Orc fools think they can catch us off guard. Right!! Blaven and I see them right off and like the filthy things they are we wipe them out except one. We kept him around so I can “ask” him a few questions. After I get him talking I stick the stinky pig and leave him to bleed out.

The Orc gave us where they were going, numbers of troops, “seven handfuls”, and that they had prisoners that they were selling to another party. Letting the Ranger track the Dark Creeper that we saw running from the ambush he leads us to a temple. Suspecting that he is leading us to another ambush I persuade the group to move up the hill to scout out the area first. From our new vantage point we see their leader Snog, a big Orc, giving commands and telling them to stay awake all night to guard the farmers they had captured.

After circling the place I see a weakness in the position of the guards. We wait until just before dawn and go in. Two of the three door guards fell asleep. I start by silently taking the guard who is dedicated to his duty; then a sleeper. But I wait. The Dwarf wants to get in on it and wakes his target. Luckily I was close enough to finish him without waking anyone. Following my lead we go in silently and methodically through the temple. With help from the Wizard no traps slow us down. We take out a few sleepers here and there finding loot along the way. We find a Duergar. Apparently the Orcs intend to trade their captives to the Duergar. After clearing the main floor we go to the top where we find Snog. We rush the room catching them off guard. We take out all but one in the room instantly, except a hiding guy who makes a run at the Dwarf. Big mistake; we make him pay for it.

Now we move to the bottom floor and we come across the Dark Stalker trying to purchase passage for his group and his soon to be bride; the woman from the Rooster. The Wizard over hears the negotiations going bad so we let it play out. When the fighting starts we jump into action making it a three way fight. I square off on the leader of the Creepers; the same one who attacked us that night at the Rooster. Simply over matched they fall. With people still outside to rescue our job is still not done.

—William Petrock



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