A millennium has passed since the Dragon Wars when the Metallic line of Dragons sacrificed themselves and most of the magic used in creation to defeat the forces fielded by the Chromatic line of Dragons. The world has never been a more dangerous place as humanity still claws its way from the ashes.

Five kingdoms, Jerauviel, Ethaydus, Airadith, Cheandra, and Lothierin, have risen from the ashes; risen from three strong families who each desire to unit humanity and subdue the world. Hope arises yet dark clouds gather over the lands. Armies march to battle once again, answering the ancient call to arms. The banners of the five noble houses flutter raggedly before the onslaught; some will fall, but others will weather the storm. Somewhere on a muddy battlefield, a common man becomes a hero, and a hero becomes a king.

The Dragon's Call

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